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Choosing the Best Skis made easy

best ski imageChoosing the best skis depends on many things such as your goals, your terrain preference, your ability level, your gender, and more.

Peak ski season is almost here. If you are looking to buy a new set of skis for this season, you want to make sure you get the absolute best value for your money.  To get you started on your search, here are some of the best skis 2012 has to offer.

 Best All Mountain Skis

There are many excellent all mountain skis available this season. If you want to invest in a pair of skis that will let you perform at your best, try some of these excellent choices


  • Volkl Kendos This is one of the best skis for men who prefer to ski evenly front side and backside. The Kendo is a sturdy ski that can rip through any condition, whether it is carvers, crud, or bumps. The new model is 8mm more narrow in the midsection, giving it the same superior stability of its predecessors, but with an extra dose of speed, pep, and snap.
  • K2 Kung Fujas These great skis feature an All-Terrain Rocker, making them high performers on any type of terrain. They are highly responsive, provide excellent flotation and grip, and will give you a smooth, exhilarating ride. If you are looking for pure power, this is one of the best skis you can get.
  • Atomic Smoke TI This is one of the best performers for the money. Even though it is priced substantially lower than other top skis, this model is easier to ski than most all mountain skis. That makes it a perfect choice for intermediate skiers who want to step things up and leave the groomed terrain.


  • K2 Gotback This is possibly the perfect west coast ski. It works equally well for an advanced skier who needs easy maneuverability or an intermediate skier who wants to ace powder. Equipped with an all-terrain shovel rocker, it offers unbelievable stability and float, while still offering excellent versatility for days without powder.
  • Volkl Aurora This super fast ski is ideal for advanced skiers. It features a wide base for great stability, but still provides easy turning in powder or deep snow. Its great response in any conditions makes it one of the best skis for women.
  • Blizzard Viva 7.6 IQ If you want a ski with a personality all its own, this is great. Whether you are an intermediate or advanced skier, this model will perform well on moguls, groomers, or soft crud, allowing you to challenge yourself to the limits.

Best Advanced Skis

Advanced skiers have totally different needs than those of other levels. You want a ski that will allow you to stretch your limits and enjoy a fun ride at any speed or on any terrain. If you are an advanced skier who is looking for a ski that can keep up with you, these are the best skis to try


  • Rossignol Zenith 76i This ski is highly intuitive, providing a great ease of use and wear. It performs equally well at slower speeds or when you are pushing the limits. This ski combines performance, accessibility, and comfort in a perfect harmony that will meet any demand or terrain.
  • Atomic VF 75 The VF 75 is a well-balance, reliable, sports-oriented ski that offers great performance. Its fantastic grip will hold in any curves, even on hard pack. It is one of the best skis for men who enjoy pushing the limits and taking long-radius turns.


Advanced women skiers know how important it is to have the right ski. You want a ski that will let you perform at your best while still being lightweight and comfortable. If you are looking for the ultimate in performance, try these

  • Fischer KOA 75 This ski is a surprise in itself. It is small and light, but is an excellent performer. It is comfortable while being comfortable in skids and easy to use when turning. It handles any speed and transitions very well from skids to tight turns.
  • Rossignol Attraxion 8 Echo This fantastic ski combines versatility, performance, comfort, and accessibility, making it one of the best skis for advanced skiers. It provides smooth transitions and is highly effective, though its performance diminishes at very high speeds and very tight turns.

Best Intermediate Skis

If you are an intermediate level skier, you are probably looking for the best skis to help you push it to the next level. If so, these are some excellent choices for meeting your goals


  • Rossignol Alias Carbon 74 This great ski is easy to understand and turn, highly accessible, and very comfortable. It is a fairly stiff ski, which makes it ideal for athletic skiers. If you are looking for an expressive, agile ski that has good grip, precision, power, and comfort in carving turns, this is the one for you.


  • Atomic Cloud 8 This is an all around excellent ski that performs well in all conditions. It is highly versatile and could easily be used for everyone from beginners to experts. Those who will benefit most from its performance are athletic and intermediate skiers who are ready to make technical gains in their skiing.

Choosing the perfect skis can seem somewhat daunting, especially when you start considering all of the various factors that make up your need. Whether you are looking for all mountain skis, those for advanced skiers, or those that will help you take your skill to the next level this season, these are some of the best skis available. The price for this performance may vary greatly, so it is important to take the time to shop around before making a purchase. Whether you choose to buy your new skis from a specialty shop, a sporting goods store, or an online retailer, you are sure to be pleased with the value and performance you get from these excellent ski models.